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Multiple Uses:

* Law Enforcement:  Low-Risk Offenders
* Home-Based Corrections
* Nursing Facilities:  Patient Security
* Alzheimer's Patients
* At-Risk Individuals
* Child Safety

Purchase Price: $485.00 Currency Conversion


Rental Price: $75.00/wk


Simply adjust the ankle strap to the desired size.  Constructed of hardened ABS plastic, the ankle case provides adjustable fitting, the level of durability required for long term, everyday use, and the convenient option of easy removal.

This is the ideal solution for children and/or teens who run the possibility of being kidnapped or venturing into "bad" neighborhoods.

E-mail & Text Message Alerts: Upon Entry Or Exit From Any User Defined Zone

The hidden real-time gps tracker will allow for at least thirty days (up to 30 days) of tracking via our password-protected website!

. Children, Grandchildren & Teenagers
Be able to track your young loved ones. Whether they are abducted, lost, or just for reassurance -- you can locate them.

. "Man's Best Friend" Dogs
Simply attach the device to your dog and you will never have to worry about your pet going missing.

. Alzheimer Adults
Sometimes adults suffering from Alzheimer's tend to wander off. This Backpack allows you to locate them in the event there is cause for concern.


This is truly one-of-a-kind technology only available from us! Contact us about your own specialized applications! We may be able to use your own appliances (ideas) for hiding the tracking devices inside.

Tracking packages start as low as $49.95 per month!

After 5 minutes of no movement, the ankle tracker reports current position and automatically shuts down, saving all battery power until next motion. When next motion is detected, unit comes instantly to life and reports new position within 2 minutes. With the unlimited reports option, your unit will be continually tracked until motion ceases

Tri-band GSM 1900 MHz and 900/1800 MHz for worldwide coverage.

Free mapping for the entire World using Google Earth

The "Ankle" Tracker can send data at specific intervals and transmit an emergency alert to up to 7 cell phones.


* 4 Magnetic Clasps

* Email or Text Alerts

* 5-10 Seconds Minimum Frequency For Updates

* 5-10 Minutes Frequency For Updates Will Achieve 2 Days Battery-Life

Device Specifications:

* Up To 30 Days On A Single Charge
* Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
* Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+
* Class 4 (2W @ 900MHz)
* Class 1 (1W @ 1800/1900MHz)
* Operating Temperature Range: -10 to +50
* Backup Batteries: 1250mAh
* Dimension: 66mm x 36mm x 20mm
* Weight: 76g

GPS Specifications:

* GPS Chipset: SiRF Star III
* Channels: 20 Channel all-in-view Tracking
* Reacquisition: 0.1 sec., Average
* Hot start: 1 sec., Average
* Warm Start: 38 sec. averag
* Cold Start: 42 sec. Average
* SUPL 1.0 (SUPL 2.0 upgradable)


* One Mini USB Connecter to PC
* LED indicate: Power / GSM Network / GPS
* 3 keys: Power on / Function / Reset

Online Tracking Features:

* Secure Online Access 24 Hours a Day for NO EXTRA CHARGE
* Cutting Edge Mapping:
* Up-to-date Street Level Maps
* Worldwide Satellite Maps
* Aerial Zoom Photos (Metro Areas)
* 3D Maps from Google and Microsoft
* E-mail & Text Message Alerts: Upon entry or exit from any user Defined Zone
* Low Power
* Motion Detection
* Print full tracking reports including speed, direction and battery level, anytime
* Street Address Level Reporting
* Manage an Entire Fleet or a Single Unit

* Splash Resistant
* Panic Button For Emergency Fast Tracking
* Smallest & Most Sensitive GPS Tracker In The World
* Rechargeable Battery Power Up To 30 Days Of Tracking
* No Software To Install - Instant Secure Online Access

International Users:

You will need to purchase a SIM card from a local GSM provider in the country the device will be used in.

Optional Cell Phone Tracking:

Activate your Cell Phone Tracking Viewer only $59.95. (One time fee)

Optional Panic Button Service:

For only $5 a month, activate the built-in panic button and connect to help in emergency situations such as a robbery or hijacking. The instant the Panic Button is pressed, notify anyone like your company headquarters or emergency personnel.

* Once charged, simply press and hold the power button until the right LED light flashes red. The unit is now active and will begin to report locations automatically. The right LED will indicate network and GPS status.

Click Here for Details on our Rental Policy.

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Monty Henry
President and Founder LLC
530 Calle La Roda Unit# 210
Camarillo, California 93010-2768 USA
Local: (818) 298-3292
Toll Free: (888) 344-3742 SMS-Enabled
Fax: (805) 991-9477

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