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This is a first in the technological world for doubling as a navigation system as well as a GPS tracking device. If you have the need to track someone, this is the perfect system. The Spy Navigator (Real-Time GPS Tracker) comes with two user manuals. One refers to the covert tracking system and another one for the person who will be using the usual navigation system.


Purchase Price: $689.00 Currency Conversion


  Rental Price: $125.00/wk




Demonstration Video:

Product Features:
It May Be Sneaky but It Works

If you need a highly perceptive GPS tracking device, here is one that will never be found. This is a navigation system with the tracking capability built into it. How sneaky is that? Not a soul will ever know the navigation system sitting on their dashboard is allowing someone to track their every move.

The navigation system is an actual working system so there will be no problem when it comes to the driver trying to find their way. But THEY will be easy to find no matter where they go or what direction. Their movements can even be monitored from your laptop, PDA or desktop computer using an online map. If you have a reason to suspect someone is not being truthful with you concerning where they go and what they are doing, the spy navigator may be exactly what you need. This may include the sneaking suspicion you have that your spouse is cheating on you. Find out for sure and stop worrying.

Keep Track of Your Teenage Drivers

Geo-Fencing: The Spy Navigator (Real-Time GPS Tracker) can even be set up to alert you via email or text message if a car is going into an area that has been restricted to them or if they are speeding. This is a great tool for parents who want to keep track of their teenage drivers. They will not be able to fool their parents into thinking they have been mindful of the rules when indeed they have not.

How many times have you felt like your teenager was telling you what you wanted to hear instead of the truth? If you have ever suspected that they were abusing the driving privileges you have given them, now is the time to find out if it is true. The Spy Navigator (Real-Time GPS Tracker) can be installed for the convenience of finding addresses that you are not familiar with but in the interim it can also track your vehicle so you know exactly where it is at all times.

Not Sure How to Find Directions on the Navigation System?

Another feature of the Spy Navigator (Real-Time GPS Tracker) is the capability of pushing directions to the GPS from a computer. This will allow you to send the directions to the driver if they cannot find them. There will never again be a reason to be lost with two ways to find the location you are seeking.

The latest in driver technology is here. From the remote access from your PDA, personal or work computer to the latest in tracking the future of GPS has finally arrived. If you are thinking of purchasing or renting one of these innovative systems you will find the capabilities of the Spy Navigator (Real-Time GPS Tracker) are right in line with what you wanted.


Like any other GPS tracker we sell or rent at we do not charge extra for monthly service fees, you deal direct with our service provider. Save time, save money.

Look Again.

This Is NOT Your Typical Navigation Device.

OH Sure, It Does Navigation

It Also Covertly Tracks The Vehicle LIVE Everywhere it goes, With Industry Shattering 10-Second Updates, Allowing You To See It Move, Turn By Turn, From Any Web Browser.

And Of Course, You Can Send And Receive Messages To and From Your Drivers, No Delays. LIVE In Real-time (This Is Not SMS)

And There Is The Ability To Remotely Set The Destination Through The Web Based Interface- Enabling The Device To Guide Your Driver All The Way To The Door.

Rental Customers Pay $125.00 (Weekly Rental Fee). Includes Tracker and Accessories.

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Contact Info:
Monty Henry
President and Founder LLC
530 Calle La Roda Unit# 210
Camarillo, California 93010-2768 USA
Local: (818) 298-3292
Toll Free: (888) 344-3742 SMS-Enabled
Fax: (805) 991-9477

Primary Email Address
Alternative Email#1
Alternative Email#2

Business, Corporate &
Governmental Clients:
We Accept Government and Corporate Purchase Orders.

Please Fax To:
(805) 991-9477

Cage Code-1SZS6
DUNS# 086901571


Detailed Specifications:

CPU/MEMORY SIRF ATLASS III Dual Coe /64 Mb DRAM, 2 GB Internal Flash, 8 Gb Micro SD Slot

Display 4.3' TFT Resistive Touch Screen, 16.:9 Aspect Ratio, 480 X 272 Pixels

GSM Channels : 850/900/1800/1900

Communication Protocol: TCP/IP, UDP

Update Frequency: Every 10 Seconds If Speed > 5 Mph

Integrated GSM/GPRS + GPS Internal To Device

Notification: Virtual Fence Alert Zones, Speed Alerts Via SMS Text Message Or Email

Historical Play Back: 90 Days Of Historical Playback Stored At Server

Reporting: Individual Vehicle Report, Enhanced Vehicle Report, Start/Stop Report. And More

Operating Temperature: -10 Degree C To + 60 Degree C (14f To + 140F)

Transmits Its Location Every 10 Seconds

Dimensions: 4.88 W X 3.185 L X 0.7835 D

NO External Antenna

Internal Rechargeable Li Polymer Battery

Web-Based Tracking- No Software To Install - Accessible From Anywhere

Virtual Fence And Speed Alert Notifications By Email Or Text Message

Unlimited Messaging To / From Device Via Web -Based Tracking System

Remotely Set Destination From Web-Based Interface

Applications: Ideal For Secret Delivery, Covert Tracking, Theft Notification, Recovery & Dispatch, Driver Communication, Destination Routing... With Turn By Turn Tracking, Tracking Alzheimer's Patients, Tracking Teens, Asset Tracking, Freight Tracking...

Service Plan:

* Customer Will Provide and Pay For Their Own Sim Card and Service Plan Charges. Please Consult with Your Local Carrier.
* Only $39.95 per month for UNLIMITED tracking reports.
* One-Time Activation Fee. $19.95

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