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You have always wanted a small portable sweep unit well now we have the solution! The Hand Held Multi-Functional Sweep unit allows the user to perform sweeps like the larger units but now with more functions and portability. This unit eliminates false alerts by using a R7 verification mode, this allows the user to hear a transmitted signal so you can quickly find its origin.

We Recommend These Items Instead: Detection Devices.

This item has been discontinued.

Multi-Functional Hand-Held Detection Unit
Purchase Price: $499.00 Currency Conversion



Rental Price: $125.00/wk




* Hand Held Detection Unit
* Telephone Interface
* Ear Phones
* AC Adapter
* CD
* Carrying Case


* 2 1/4 x 5 x 1

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The hand help sweep unit allows you to sweep for wireless tapping devices, wireless hidden cameras (CCTV), laser taps, Phone line tap detection including Internet and IP phones also real-time vehicle trackers. Ease of operation along with its small size make this one touch button sweep unit perfect for the DIY or professional in any situation where sweeps are needed and security must be controlled.

What the Detector Can Do

RF Signal Detector for 100HZ to 3.5 GHz

* Wireless CCTV (Hidden Camera)
* Wireless Phone Line Tap Detection
* Laser Tap Detection and Laser Tapping Prevention via White Noise generator.

This detector utilizes newly invented technology to detect and prevent Laser Tapping.

Tapping Detection on Multi-line Digital Phones

Real Time Automobile Vehicle Tracker Detection via cell phone signal.

Use the Internal Speaker to hear and pinpoint the location of any Voice Tapping Device.

When operating the detector, each Mode is easy to use with one touch Button Control System.

Locating Bugs, Transmitters and Hidden Cameras is quick and easy. Simply watch the 10 Level Bar Display for Signal Strength. The closer you get, the stronger the signal.

Directions for Use:

Before using, read the entire User Manual

2. This product should not be used for other purposes then those intended in this User Manual.

3. The unit is not water resistant or waterproof. Please keep it away from extreme heat or humidity. Do not drop, this will damage unit.

4. Tampering with the unit in any way voids the Service Warranty.

5. Do not touch the antenna to any Electrostatic Device (i. e. a Transmitter or anything that emits electronic power, this will enable the unit and void
the Warranty.

6. Use only the accessories provided.

7. Warning: please be aware of long term hearing loss due to prolonged use near loud noises.

8. This product requires one 9V Battery.

9. Do not bend antenna in any fashion


LED Display Function of 10 Level Bar

When searching for devices, the closer to the Hidden Camera or Tapping Device you get, the more effectively you can detect. The closer you are, the higher the signal from the LED will display, the more accurate the position the easier to find and eliminate Tapping Device or Hidden Camera.

Sensitivity Adjust Function

After you calibrate your unit, you can adjust sensitivity. This helps to pinpoint suspected objects. You can receive signals up 6-12 Feet from a suspected device. Keep turning the sensitivity down to get closer and closer to suspected device

Hearing Function:

Use of Internal Speaker you can listen for suspected device to pinpoint the location of any Voice Tapping Device.

Detection Function of Laser Tapping

Detection of high-technological tapping device using Laser.

Detection Function of Phone-lined Tapping Device

This Function is to detect a Tapping Device installed on phones lines. With just one installation the detector will constantly monitor the phone line. Use
the Internal Speaker to listen and pinpoint the location of any Voice Tapping Device.

Name and function:

1. ANT (Antenna)
The Antenna receives Wireless Tapping Device and Hidden Camera signals.

2. TEL
When used as part of connecting phone line to check the existence of tapping device on the phone line. Use it after removing the cover.

3. Noise On/Power
This mode turn the power on and off on the detector. When the toggle switch direction points to "POWER," you are in the Detection Mode for a Wireless
Tapping Device, Hidden Camera or Laser Tapping. When the switch is turned to "NOISE ON," you are in the laser tapping prevention mode. If you want to turn off the power, just flip the switch to the middle position.

4. VR/Gain
When you are detecting Wireless Devices and Hidden Cameras including volume control of internal speaker, you can use the earphone. Adjust the volume with the Gain Adjust Function.

5. Display
When detecting the 10 leveled color LED will light up to show signal strength

6. Warning
This mode displays signal strength in close proximity to a suspected target

7. RF Detection This mode displays Wireless Signal
Detection of Wireless Tapping Devices and Hidden Cameras.

8. Voice/Tel. This Mode displays Voice Signal
Detection of Wireless Tapping Devices and Hidden Cameras. In addition, it is also used as a Detection Mode for a Phone Tapping Device installed on the phone line.

9. Laser Detection
This mode is to be used when detecting laser-enabled devices.

10. Ear
This is the Earphone Jack.

11. Mode
One-Touch button control, for switching between different functions.

12. SEN
This is used in Detection Mode and doubles as the sensor for Laser Microphone Signals.

13. DC 9V
This is the terminal to connect the Power Adapter.

RF Signal Detection (Wireless):

1. Pull out the Antenna completely

2. Switch Power On by pushing toggle switch to the down position

3. Press the Mode Button to turn unit on (default is RF Detection). You are now ready to adjust sensitivity.

4. To adjust sensitivity: Turn knob (VL/Gain) all the way clockwise then turn back counter clockwise until Red LEDs switch off.

Calibrate Unit:

Move to an area away from sweep area. Locate the VR/Gain Knob. Turn the knob clockwise as far as possible. Turn knob counter-clockwise until signal strength indicator bars go out. Unit is now calibrated

To begin sweeping choose an area to be tested Thoroughly cover area by moving unit across all walls and surfaces. Give special attention to any accessible ceilings, floors, power outlets, computer connections, and telephone jacks as these are likely places for hidden transmitters and bugs.

If alerted to an RF Signal lower sensitivity buy turning the VR/Gain knob counterclockwise until LED goes out. Unit has now been recalibrated to lower
sensitivity. Retest area where signal was detected.

Repeat until origin of RF Signal can be pinpointed for physical inspection. Do not make contact between unit and Bug or Transmitter, as internal damage will occur. Closely inspect pinpointed area for any Audio or Video Transmission Devices.

Real-Time Tracking:

When a wireless tapping device is detected you will be able to hear the voice signal (beep-beep-beep) through the detector. When detecting a cell phone type GPS Tracker on a Vehicle you will hear only a slow beep-beep-beep sounds.

Start up your car when trying to detect devices on your vehicle. For best results we recommend doing a search in RF Mode then a search in Voice/TEL Mode with the earphone connected

Telephone Tap Detection:

This detection method detects taps on analog single line phones only. (See Multi-Line/Digital Tap Detection Section) Only use the provided connectors for connecting the detector to your telephone

All tapping devices installed on your telephone line within 150 Ft. of the detector will be detected.

Connecting the detector to telephone Line:

The telephone connecting jack is pre-wired to connect the detector to your existing telephone and telephone jack. Do not remove or replace the black or white wire plugged into the telephone connectivity jack. Removing or replacing the black or white wire it will cause the detector to function improperly.

Unplug the telephone line from your telephone and plug into the telephone connecting jack. Plug the white wire into your telephone. Remove the rubber cover marked TEL on the detector and plug the black wire into the detector. Switch Power On by pushing the Toggle Power Switch down to the Power Position. Press the Mode button until the Green LED is lit by the Voice/Telephone Position.

If all 10 levels of the LEDs are lit during a telephone conversation, you should connect the ear phone to listen for the tap.

Multi-Line Digital Telephone Line Tap Detection:

It is very difficult to tap a Digital Telephone Line. The most common method used is connecting a Wireless Transmitter into the handset of this type of phone system.

Pull antenna out completely and switch power on by pushing toggle switch in the down position. Press the Mode Button until the green LED is lit by the
Voice/Tel position Put the detector unit against the telephone handset, lift the detector and the handset together. If a Transmitter is present in the handset, any sounds, (pressing buttons, talking, etc.) can be heard through the earphone connected to the detector.

Laser Tapping Detection:

Switch power On by pushing toggle to the down position. Press the mode button until the white LED is lit by the "Laser Detection Position." Put the sensor toward the window and move the detector in a sweeping motion. Signals from the Laser Tapping Device can be heard through the earpiece or speaker on the detector. The distance between the detector and the window should be within 1 Foot, if necessary increase the volume to hear the signal better. When the laser signal is detected, you will hear a beep-beep signal sound Note: You can test this function using a remote control.

Laser Tap Prevention:

Switch power on by pushing the toggle button to the UP position. You should hear the noise coming from the detector. Place speaker as close as possible to the window you are protecting. Battery life in this mode is 8 to 10 continuous hours.

Note: If AC Adapter is necessary, use only the adapter provided with this device.


* Detection of Wireless Tapping
* Sensitivity: 20dB
* Frequency Range: 100Hz-3.5 GHz
* Laser Tap Detection
* 360 Degree Wavelength 850 - 1,050nm
* Laser Tap Protection:
* Frequency Range: 250Hz - 5KHz
* 10 Step Color LED Indication
* 9 Volt Battery
* Detection Mode 16 to 18 Hours
* Laser Tap Protection Mode 8 to 10 Hours When Used Continuously
* AC Adapter

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