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Utilizing 21st Century Fingerprint Technology, this fingerprint lock combines security and convenience together. There is no longer a need to fear losing keys or forgetting passwords. The advanced design is suitable for homes or offices.

This item has been discontinued.

DPL-Fingerprint Access Control System
Purchase Price: $615.00 Currency Conversion


Fingerprint Identification Lock III


* Convenient one-touch fingerprint access with emergency PIN code access,
   or in a pinch, manual key override access;
* Accurate fingerprint scanning; 99 fingerprint templates memory capacity;
* Easy to operate key pad makes registration, deletion,
   and mode programming simple
* Can also be special-ordered with an inside remote control,
   or audit track feature or Constant Open mode;
* Can be set up into Constant Open (C/O) status which enables the lock to be
   opened just by turning down the handle from outside without the need to verify
* Fitting various types of European standard mortise including the
   three-point mortise;
* Unique, attractive and durable finishes; various colors optional;
* Remarkable durability - biometric sensor is scratch resistant and virtually
* Six AA batteries support 5000 operations;
* Stand-by power supply (9V battery);
* Malicious operation protection deactivates lock for five minutes after five wrong
   fingerprint scanning attempts (Optional)
* Adaptable for outside use under severe environmental conditions
* Advanced biomechanical design provides a futuristic appearance
* Low power alert - audible warning to replace batteries


* Dimensions: Outside: L248 x W59 x D31mm
* Inside: L248 x W59 x D27mm
* Warranty Period: One Year
* Battery: AA Size Alkaline Battery x 6
* Emergency Battery: DC9V
* Dynamic Power Consumption: <350ma>

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