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The Anti-Tracker / GPS Blocker will knock out GPS logging or GPS tracking systems that may be operating on your vehicle. Using our Anti-Tracker / GPS Blocker will make it very hard for any one to keep tabs on you or your vehicle. Most spy devices can be quickly installed on a vehicle and allow the users to track your every move using mapping software or a GPS recording system. This Anti-Tracker / GPS Blocker will disable the GPS link (including most vehicle navigation systems) and render the spy device useless.


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The Anti-Tracker / GPS Blocker

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Operation is very easy, it plugs into the cigarette lighter and it's on! Obviously your cigarette lighter must work to power the device but this is the only requirement for operation, anyone can use our Anti-Tracker / GPS Blocker. The GPS blocker will cover most vehicles from a large car to a van or small truck; it must have a 12v output for power. Please be sure of the voltage if installing into compact car or truck. Transformers can be purchased from most good auto shops to allow 24v to be stepped down to 12v.

Data loggers are widely used across the world and they are very good for tracking peoples movements and vehicles. You can purchase a data logger or gps tracker for $200.00 - $600.00 and track any car, delivery van, etc.

People who deliver or collect any thing of value should consider the prospect that criminals may be watching them electronically, with a view to a robbery or other scam. Secure yourself with Anti-Tracker! This unit will not allow your vehicles navigation system to work while you use it. At the same time it disables or disrupts a component of the global positioning system, which is fundamental for all transponder, based tracking systems.

GPS tracking units come in many shapes and sizes some as little as a match box with a magnetic mounting or Velcro attachment system, they do not have to be put into the car. They can actually be placed outside the car in seconds and actively start to record all movements, because the system is GPS based it is very hard to detect and often the units will have very low power consumption allowing them to operate for a few weeks or be hard wired into a vehicle to become an permanent tracking device.

Radius: 30M or Approx. 98ft.

The Anti-Tracker / GPS Blocker jams signals in a broadcasting range of 1450 to 1600Mhz with 200mW of jamming power, powered only by the 12V adapter from your car.

This GPS Jammer is design to block the signals of the Global Positioning System (GPS).

The product does not create any interference with cell phone signals.


* Power Supply 12V
* Currency: 200mA Power of Signal Jamming 200mW
* Coverarge Area: Up to 5-20 M Radius
* The Impedance of Antenna: 50?
* Working Band: L1 System 1575Mhz
* Operation Temperature: -15 to + 60°C
* Size: 100(L) x 20(W) x 23(H) mm


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