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Our Mobile GPRS-Based DVR - enables notification via cell phone and/or e-mail and/or your computer via SMS (with option of attached images) whenever recording has been triggered by an event.

Mobile Motion-Activated GPRS-Based DVR

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Mobile Motion-Activated GPRS-Based DVR 

This Mobile GPRS-Based DVR now contains an advanced cellular module enabling cellular communication.

It draws only 10mA in sleep mode, making it ideal for extended battery powered operation and mobile applications.

This is the perfect solution for monitoring/securing any site that requires a quick & easy setup at affordable cost. As it utilizes the existing cellular wireless infrastructure, it is ideal for use in remote critical locations without any infrastructure (no power or physical means of communication available).

Advanced GPRS Cellular Technology:

This Mobile GPRS-Based DVR has been developed utilizing the most advanced GPRS Class 12 cellular platform available today.

The GPRS platform is 15X faster than regular GSM, ensuring high-speed transfer of images to the user over any GSM/GPRS network in the world. It covers 900 / 1800 / 1900 frequencies - enabling flexibility and universal usage. It also enables image encryption for secure transmission of information.

It records quality digital color video onto a removable SD card.

Operating The Mobile GPRS-Based DVR via Cellphone:

The advanced cellular communications platform enables the following operations to be performed via cellphone by the user:

* Receive pre-defined SMS messages or e-Mails informing that there has been an "event".

* Receive JPEG image/s as attachment with the e-Mails.

* Send selected commands via SMS messages eg. Arm, Disarm, Configure, and more.

* Receive images attachments in encrypted format where requested.

* Get status of the unit.

These operations are secured, and can only be performed using the required passwords.

It has, in addition, power-saving features - making it ideal for battery powered operation and mobile applications.

It is a single-channel, miniature solid-state DVR without any mechanical moving parts. This means there is no need for day-to-day intervention and no maintenance.

It automatically records events on an SD card of up to 2GB memory. Alarms can be activated by external triggers and/or by advanced, integrated Video Motion Detection (VMD), which enables the user to define specific areas of interest within the picture frame.

The recorded events are easily analyzed by simply removing the SD card from the unit and inserting it into a memory card reader connected to a PC/pocket PC.

The remote control supplied with the unit enables the user to Arm/Disarm the unit, set up the recording process or record events manually. It can also function as a panic button.

It is supplied with an infrared remote control with panic button function, power supply (15ft cable) and SD card.

Power: 12V

3-4 Hours Active: Using a Marine, car or Motorcycle Battery (minimum 1amp)
1 Month Stand-by: Using a Marine, car or Motorcycle Battery (minimum 1amp)

The Mobile GPRS-Based DVR can be plugged into an AC outlet for permanent installation. The built-in adapter/charger will provide continuous security even during power-outages.

* Excellent Recording Quality: up to 640 x 480 resolution, up to 10 frames per second.
* Communication & Connectivity capabilities.
* Integrates into existing CCTV system infrastructure.
* Dependable system with automatic recovery after power failure.
* Secure system with password protection, and images dated, timed & watermarked.

Combine with our SUPER LOW LUX SPY CAMERA for a complete surveillance solution.
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Approx. 3-4 Days of Continuous Recording on a 1Gb SD Card.
Approx. 6-8 Days of Continuous Recording on a 2Gb SD Card.

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