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Secure your cell phone conversations. We use 1024 bits RSA key encryption and 256 bits random key (it changes every second). Conduct business and/or personal conversations without worry. We are offering two secure cell phones, one for you and the other for your partner. Never worry again about big brother listening in on your private conversations.

Rent any of the following encrypted phones (a set of two) for $300.00 per week.
Nokia N73 , Nokia N80, Nokia E70, Nokia E71 and Nokia N95

This item has been discontinued.

Purchase Price: $2,906.00 Currency Conversion



Rental Price: $300/wk


Nokia E71 Encrypted Cell Phone

Secure your cell phone conversations. We use 1024 bits RSA key encryption and 256 bits random key (it changes every second).

We also have * Nokia N73 , Nokia N80, ($2,846.00 for two).

Ask for Pricing: Nokia E70, Nokia E71*, Nokia N95*
(* Network Dependent)

Please check back often as we are adding more models all the time.

* WI-FI, Full keyboard and Blackberry Connect compatible.
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Contact Info:
Monty Henry
President and Founder LLC
530 Calle La Roda Unit# 210
Camarillo, California 93010-2768 USA
Local: (818) 298-3292
Toll Free: (888) 344-3742 SMS-Enabled
Fax: (805) 991-9477

Primary Email Address
Alternative Email#1
Alternative Email#2

Business, Corporate &
Governmental Clients:
We Accept Government and Corporate Purchase Orders.

Please Fax To:
(805) 991-9477

Cage Code-1SZS6
DUNS# 086901571

FACT SHEET: Nokia Encrypted Cell Phone

These are Nokia smart phones with ultra strong encryption software which makes it absolutely secure and unbreakable. They have passed highly advanced security tests performed by both civilian and governmental experts, and is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

. Ultra-Strong Encryption Software.
* Dual layered RSA 1024 bit /AES 256 bit military grade encryption
* 4,096 bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange.
. End-to-end Encryption (ciphered communication between two devices).
. No additional hardware required (software-only backdoor-free solution).
. Implemented on regular mobile phones and GSM cellular networks with circuit-switched data.
. Full Duplex communications (versus the "push-to-talk" of the half duplex version).
. Text messaging encryption while in secure calls
. Superior Audio Quality.
. Ultra Low Latency.
. Support of commercial NokiaTM cellular phones:. (More to Come).
. The encryption process is not perceived by third parties
. The user is not prevented from updating the cell phone firmware or operating system.
. The NokiaTM cell phones keep all their original features.
. One mobile phone for both regular and secure calls. We offer the safest and most efficient solution to keep your sensitive cellular conversations and text messages secure from eavesdropping.
* Add as many (encrypted) phones as necessary using one-to-one calling only! Conferencing will not be encrypted.

This rental service is offered no where else.

MGE-NMP = Military Grade Encryption For Nokia Mobile Phones (For Rent) Copyrighted.

Unsecured communications can put your business and your life at risk.

Government agencies, organizations, and even private individuals have all the tools and technology needed to intercept voice and data communications traffic.

If you are concerned about your business secrets, or the health and safety of yourself and your loved ones, you absolutely must take the steps necessary to protect your sensitive communication. 's military grade encryption for Nokia Mobile Phones is the preferred and one-of-a-kind solution for thousands of users around the world.

Here's why:

Licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense , our customers now have the option of renting or buying a world-class software-based solution providing military-grade encryption for voice and text communications.

When you're talking on your cellular phone, the world is listening. It doesn't take the technical skill of the U.S. National Security Agency to monitor your cell phone. Our solution prevents anyone (or entity) from instantly becoming an unknown third party to your cellular conversations.

And if you don't believe it, read this article "How Do I Know If I've Been Bugged? " ( ) . You'll be stunned.

Can you afford to have your sensitive business and personal conversations monitored by anyone who has as little as U.S. $100 to invest?

Of course you can't. That's why we developed MGE-NMP. Licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, this solution is a Nokia-based world-class cellular conversation encryption solution providing military-grade encrypted communications. It protects your privacy by blocking interception attempts by private, governmental or military entities. It's easy to use; no technical skills are required.

Now there's no reason to broadcast your business to people who may not have your best interests at heart. Protect yourself and your loved ones with MGE-NMP.

If you're not protecting your vital communications, you're transmitting financial, business and personal information in the clear. This opens you and your organization up to infiltration by criminals including industrial spies, kidnappers, terror organizations and other entities that do not have your best interests at heart.

Supported Devices     

* Nokia N73 , Nokia N80, Nokia E61, Nokia E70, Nokia E71*, Nokia N95* (* Network Dependent)

Compatible Networks:    

* Data Call (CSD)

Encryption Algorithms:    

* AES 256 Bits
* Diffie Hellman 4096 Bits
* RSA 1024

Governmental Certification :

* License #14994, Israeli Ministry of Defense


Customers need to request T-Mobile to add the "CSD Option" service to two T-Mobile lines. (USA) International customers can contact us for details.

Currently the cost is $9.99/line, and you can cancel it later if you want. There may not be a need for a long term contract.

Usually you can request this service by phone, email, or in a T-Mobile store.

Customers will add one or two numbers to each SIM. A data number, and possibly a separate fax number. (Optional)

To establish a secure call you should call the data number. However, in most cases the software detects the CSD call even if the call is made to the regular number.

Conference Calls are Not Secure. Secure or Encrypted Calls are Made from one Phone Directly to the Other.

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